"Learned Who I Am"

I was actually working probably about four, five part-time jobs and I was trying to juggle everything to earn enough money to support myself along with, you know, kind of an addictive lifestyle that I fell into. My mom had passed from bone cancer and I had lost my best friend to a car accident. So, I didn't really know how to deal with a lot of the loss that I was going through.

I started showing up late to work. I started slacking. All my money that I was saving up to buy things for my house, food, all that stuff, it was just going to drugs. And before I realized it, I couldn't stop using it. I started trying to wean myself down. I started trying to not use it anymore and I just got sick, I got cold, I started feeling like my back was broken, like I was dying. And I just, I just couldn't stop anymore and that's when I start talking to my father and asking for help.

When we heard about Narconon we heard that it was a lot more practical than, than just a group therapy but actually life skills and the ability to build the character up so that they wouldn't be deficient in those areas where I was weak in, and I wouldn’t have to make those choices again.

The staff were very helpful, along with a lot of the students that were going through the same steps. They helped me get out of my shell that I had been living in. And when I finished the sauna programme I felt great. I felt years younger. I didn't feel polluted, I didn't feel groggy. I felt energetic. I, I felt like my body was right. I felt like the old me.

And the greatest thing I got out of the programme was: Learning who I was and not having to hide behind anything. I didn't have to use drugs to feel comfortable. I didn't have to use drugs to fit in. I'm my own person and I learned to be who I am and there’s not a greater gift in the world that you can get, to learn who you are and be comfortable with yourself.

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