Overcoming Meth, "I'm Alive Again"

I had a great job, great life.

And I got to runnin’ with the wrong people, ran into meth. From then it was just slowly downhill. I lost one of my jobs, I lost my woman, great home, everything just went sour on me.

I had been to other conventional rehabs before, you know, the ones that, “Once an addict, always an addict." I wanted something different and I believe what Narconon was offering was completely different.

And so I came here, gave it a try and well, I been clean for three years.

Narconon has not only changed my life but elevated it.

It’s no longer, you know, my mom and my sister talking with me just listening, you know. I’m able to really participate and have some kind of input in, in what we do and the things that we do. It’s, it’s just exciting to, to really be alive again.

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